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 Keno Games

There are various ways to play, resulting in all kinds of keno games. The most basic game is a straight ticket, where you select one to fifteen numbers. Naturally, the more numbers you pick, the better your chances are of catching one of the numbers you picked, but you also have to pay a little more. Payouts differ depending on where you play as well as how many numbers you originally picked and how many of those you caught. For example, on a 6-spot (meaning you marked six numbers) you need to catch three numbers to break even; on a 15-spot you usually need six numbers to win any money. If uncertain, brochures are always available throughout the casinos listing the payout tables.

Keno ticket variations exist to create more excitement and offer a little diversity. Although the game can be quite boring to some individuals, there are ways to make it more interesting. I have listed all the possible ways of playing keno below. Choose your game...

Straight Tickets:

One of the easiest ways to play keno is by simply playing a straight ticket. Although the game can be very monotonous, it is straightforward and eliminates any kind confusion. To play a straight ticket, you need to mark off the numbers you hope to come up in the draw in the provided area on the card. The maximum number of spots you can mark off depends on the casino, but the limit will never exceed 20, as that is the number of balls drawn.

Straight Ticket

Way Tickets:

Playing a way ticket means that you are using one ticket to mark two or more sets of numbers. In fact, playing one 3-way ticket is the same as playing three 1-way tickets and marking the numbers on those individually. Both offer the same chances of winning, the same odds and, of course, the same payouts. The only true advantage is that you can bet lower amounts of money than the table minimum, by splitting the minimum over three bets. In the example on the right, you're actually paying $.25 for each of the sets. Since there are three sets, the total price for the game is $.75. Although all three sets have three numbers each, they do not need to be the same. You can have as many groups as you wish, each having up to 20 numbers (assuming that's the limit for the casino).

Way Ticket

Combination Tickets:

Playing a combination ticket means that you are combining the groups that were previously treated separately on way tickets. Using the previous example, when you play a 3/3, you're betting on three sets of four numbers each. Adding to that, you can also bet on 3 ways of making a 6 or 3/6 (by combining two of the groups) or you could bet on 1 way of making a 9 or 1/9 (by combining all three groups). However, you don't have to bet on every possible combination. Just keep in mind that should a particular combination on your ticket be a winner, you can only collect the prize if you marked it off.

Combination Ticket

King Tickets:

King numbers are single numbers that are used in combination with other groupings. Using the same example from above, if you circle one extra number, you can then add to the combination where you would have 3 ways to make a 4 (3/4) and 3 ways to make a 7 (3/7) and 1 way to make a 10 (1/10). Kings can be used on straight, way, and combination tickets.

King Ticket

There are many ways to enjoy playing keno, some will give you better odds and others just a better time; it depends on what your objective is when joining in any of the keno games. These are the easiest of all the keno games available and also offer more fun; simply, the decision is made for you and all you do is wait and see if you won. Aside from using the above-mentioned ways to play keno, you can also simply divide up the ticket in several ways:

Top or Bottom:

When playing a top or bottom ticket, you simply mark off which of the two areas you wish to bet on, as the example on the right shows. It's also important to write down the kind of game you're playing in the field where you would normally put down the various combinations on the ticket. Of course, mark the number of games you want to play. If 13 of the 20 numbers drawn fall on your half, you win.

Top/Bottom Ticket

Left or Right:

The same concept applies to this ticket as to the "top or bottom". In this case, you are selecting either the left or the right half of the ticket. Again, 13 numbers must fall on the side you have chosen for you to win.

Left/Right Ticket


When you choose to play the edges, all the edges are marked as shown in the exaple on the right. Now, it depends on the casino how many numbers you need to catch in order to win. You'll never be able to catch all of them since there are 32 numbers altogether and only 20 are drawn, so consult a keno brochure when in doubt.

Edges Ticket

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