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 Keno Game

The keno game that's available on this site is free of charge and doesn't offer real prizes. The points you win are just a way to keep track of your game and how well (or bad) you're doing. There's also nothing implemented into the game to be able to save your progress, so each game is independent each other. The game is mainly intended to provide entertainment as well as some testing grounds for those who have not yet taken a chance at keno. It's an opportunity to experiment with different numbers and test your own theories. You might also want to go over some keno tips to learn a little more of what goes on behind the scenes of this game.

Click here to play FREE KENOFollowing the basic rules of keno, the game is easy to figure out and fun to play. First off, you need to select the numbers you want to bet on; the maximum number of spots for this game is 10. Next, you need to select the amount you want to bet, having the choice of $0.25, $1 or $5 as well as how many rounds to play: one, five or ten. Now you're ready to go. As you press one of the "play" buttons, your results are shown on the table; the 'X' represents a number drawn and the 'O' shows you which numbers you caught. To the left of the board, the payout table is displayed listing the number of points you get depending on how many spots you marked and how many of those you were able to catch. On the right-hand side is another table, which lists how many hits you got in each round. The credit balance is displayed at the bottom in real-time.

I hope you enjoy the keno game to the fullest. If you have any questions or comments about the game, drop me a line at:

To play, click HERE or on the image above.