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How To Play Keno

The game of keno is very simple and learning how to play it only takes a few minutes. In fact, if you know how to play the state lottery, you already know how to play keno. In order to participate in the game, you need special keno 'tickets', which can be found at tables throughout the casino. These tickets have 80 squares numbered 1 to 80 and arranged in rows of 10. The same numbers also appear on the 80 ping-pong balls that are located in a clear plastic sphere or a steel wheel, which is spun to toss around the numbered balls for a more random draw. There are different limitations as to how many numbers you can select depending on where you are playing, but naturally 20 would be the absolute maximum, since only 20 balls are drawn.

Click here to play FREE KENOThe keno ticket consists of several additional areas that need to be marked in order to identify the game that you are playing. An area to mark the number of games as well as one to mark the number of spots or ways played is provided. The reason for specifying all this information is to avoid any conflicts or misunderstandings when it comes to claiming a prize. A space is also provided for you to write down the price per game and another one that holds the total price of the ticket, which depends on how many games you choose to play the ticket for. So, if a game costs $1 and you play five games, the total cost of the ticket is $5. See the keno games page for more information on the various types of tickets.

After you have filled the ticket with the necessary information, you have to present it at the keno desk with your wager. The clerk in turn gives you a duplicate ticket. The results from the balls chosen are displayed electronically on a board across the casino for everyone to see. A very important rule to remember when learning how to play keno is when to collect your prize, which is right away! Don't even stop smoking for a second to think - burn your cigarette right over to the collection table. To be able to receive your winnings, you must collect them before the start of another game; otherwise, you forfeit your rights to receive anything.

If you're unsure about any of the rules for keno at the casino you're visiting, check in one of the keno brochures. These are located at the keno desk and all throughout the house. Everything you need to know about the game will be outlined in the brochure: the payouts, the maximum and minimum bets, and also the maximum number of spots that you're allowed to mark. And if you're still uncertain, ask one of the casino employees; they're there to help.

All in all, keno should be played for entertainment purposes only, whether it's online or at a casino. There isn't a possible way to change the odds, nor is there a way to lower the house edge. It is your choice how long you play the game, but if luck isn't on your side, you should consider playing something else. For more information on how to play smart, read the keno strategy page.

So, now that you have learned how to play keno, maybe you should try a free game?